Kazuyoshi Korosue
Individual Consaltant for Globalization, Standardization & .Net development Experience
Contractor at Ruby Association
June 2010 - Present (4 months)
Standardization of programming language Ruby (ISO) Contractor at Information-technology Promotion Agency-Japan
June 2010 - Present (3 years 3 months)
Standardization of programming language Ruby (JIS/ISO) Independent Conslutant
April 2010 - Present (2 years 8 months)
Myself only
Programming language Training Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft
January 1996 - March 2010 (14 years 3 months)
Visual Studio
Programming languages
Standards Skills & Expertise
Cross-group Collaboration (Expert, 16 years experience)
Online Services
Software Project Management (Advanced, 6 years experience)
Standards development (Expert, 9 years experience)
Software Development
Program Management (Expert, 14 years experience)
Programming Languages (Expert, 19 years experience)
.NET (Expert, 9 years experience)
C# (Expert, 9 years experience)
Ruby (Intermediate, 3 years experience)
User Interface (Advanced, 20+ years experience)
User Scenarios (Expert, 12 years experience) Education
Aoyama-gakuin University
B.S., Electric Engineering
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